Welcome to the GATE Model!

During the public launch of the GATE Model, at the 2012 National Association of Social Workers Clinical Institute, in Wilmington, NC, I have been inspired by the participants in the two-day workshop, “The GATE Model: an Interactive Tool for Addictions Assessment and Person-Centered Planning.”  Confirming the responses of the University of North Carolina Wilmington Schoool of Social Work’s MSW students, for whom the GATE Model was developed, these clinicians have affirmed the simple power of this user-friendly, visual approach to communicating your observations about the risk of addictive illness to clients and support systems.

I welcome your personal observations, about the instructional experience of the GATE Model continuing education course, whether you have attended a live workshop or consultation, or taken the online CE course through the UNCW Office of Public Service and Continuing Studies, at http://uncw.edu/profed/

Please share your experiences with the use of the GATE Model in person-centered planning with clients, their family members, colleagues, referral options, and funding sources.

Thank you for your important work with clients, and for your contribution to the ongoing development of the GATE Model.

Tab Ballis LCSW, LCAS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist